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Nature gives man everything he needs for life: strength, health, food, home, clothes. But man loses his connection with nature.

Shamanic knowledge will help you restore this connection, protect yourself and your family, find your predestination, reveal your talents and find inner harmony.

A knowledge of shamanism that you will not find on the Internet
Shamanic rituals and problem-solving practices.
Additional teaching materials after each lesson.
Each webinar consist of a lecture and a shamanic ritual

You can personally ask Ayla any question and find a shamanic amulet
to protect yourself and your children.

Here comes an amazing and magical time on the eve of one of the most significant family holidays - Christmas. Every woman can properly prepare herself and her family, summon the Energy and Power of her lineage, which will maintain the well-being of the family for the coming year. And you can do this with the help of powerful shamanic rituals that Aayla Shaman will share with you online during 4 webinars.

Take all the lessons, perform all the shamanic rituals and you will feel the problems and stresses going away, and the bright holiday of Christmas giving you and your family a long-awaited well-being.


Over 130.000 people attended her events

She is a demanded speaker in 40 countries

Over 6500grateful reviews only about
Power of Lineage workshop

Over 20 years helping people around the world

Over 500 author’s methods of developing human abilities using shamanistic techniques

Trainings translated into 7 languages

Over 10shamanistic expeditions and 12 charity events per year