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The Power of Lineage – The Energy of Lineage

2nd level
Held by Siberian Shaman Aayla

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Nature gives man everything he needs for life: strength, health, food, home, clothes. But man loses his connection with nature.

Shamanic knowledge will help you restore this connection, protect yourself and your family, find your predestination, reveal your talents and find inner harmony.

Aayla Shaman will teach you to unite all the Natural Elements and direct them for your benefit!

A knowledge of shamanism that you will not find on the Internet
Shamanic rituals and problem-solving practices.
Additional teaching materials after each lesson.

15 May – 8 June, 2020 Online lessons
from Friday to Sunday

There will be 4 courses consisting of 3 lessons each:

Course 1: The Element of Earth – Health 15-17 May

In this block of lessons, we will talk about our highest value - the health. Health is the absence of disease. From this perspective, we can say that all modern people are ill. Shamans have a special point of view regarding health. For Shamans, illness is a living being, it is a Spirit that really exists. After obtaining the knowledge of the Shamans, you will be able to help yourself and all your relatives to be healthy.

Lessons of the course:

  • Work with the Spirit of Health
    Each human body has a special Spirit; it is called the Spirit of Health. But, during their lifetime, many people lose touch with this Spirit. As a result, the diseases are accumulated gradually. The Spirit of Health is a very powerful and natural protector of our physical body. During this webinar, we will get in touch with our Spirit of Health, and henceforth, the Spirit of Health will protect our physical bodies.

  • The shamanic health test. What Spirits live in our body?
    The Shamanic philosophy includes very natural knowledge about the health of our entire body. We will talk about which organs of the human body are selected by certain Spirits of disease and why. We will also conduct a Shamanic health test. You will receive information about the best ways to restore the health of your body.

  • Fears. What fear lives in the genitourinary system and how to get rid of it?
    Nowadays, all people have fears. According to Shamanic mythology, fear is a very dangerous Spirit. There are many varieties of different Spirits of Fear. Each Spirit of Fear tries to enslave a person, makes a person feel fear, and feeds on this energy. In today's world, people are afraid of death, extra weight, being too skinny, losing a job, debts, losing love, loneliness, even life itself, and so on. In this webinar, we will work with one of the most common types of fear that lives in the human genitourinary system.

Course 2: The Element of Water – Relationship 22-24 May

In this block of lessons, we will talk about different types of relationships between different people. Each person is individuality. And according to Shamans, all conflicts and negative emotions are the manifestations of negative Spirits that have a control over a certain person. In this block of lessons, we will learn how to see these Spirits, and also remove these Spirits from our lives. We will learn how to attract strong, positive, good Spirits into our lives for creation of harmonious, stable and real relationships.

Lessons of the course:

  • The Spirit of Conflicts and The Spirit of Harmony in the Family
    According to the Shamans, all conflicts appear because of a certain Spirit – the Spirit of Conflict. This Spirit loves to settle in apartments and offices and can even live in a car. When people appear in these environments, the Spirit of Conflict provokes them into experiencing negative emotions and pointless conflicts with each other. Additionally, if the Spirit of Conflict lives in your house, then the Spirit of Well-being and Happiness simply cannot settle there. Let's get rid of the Spirit of Conflict and fill our home with happiness and positive emotions due to the help of the Spirit of Well-being.

  • Communication with the Spirit of House – Puck, the home protector
    According to traditional Shamanic knowledge, there is a special Spirit that protects our home, family, and the relationships between people who live in the same house. It is the Spirit of the House - Puck. People don’t even suspect that the presence of such a Spirit brings peace and well-being to their home with the greatest ease. At this webinar, we will learn how to talk to the Spirit of the House, keep up with it, and feed it.

  • A ritual to Create the Field of Harmony and Happiness for your Family
    Our ancestors had regulated their lives through various rituals. If something bad happens in your life or the life of your family, that is the reason to carry out the appropriate ritual for attracting the necessary Spirits and cleansing the accumulated negativity. As soon as the ritual is performed, the situation stabilizes, and life gets back on track. Why did our ancestors respect rituals so much? Why did rituals used to hold a prominent spot in their lives? In this webinar, we will learn how to carry out a ritual for the well-being of the family.

Course 3: The Element of Fire – The Spirit of Money 29-31 May

In today's world, we are connected with the energy of money constantly. And people have gotten used to the fact that money comes to them through very hard work and very difficult situations. But our ancestors thought differently. They knew how to attract well-being and money into their lives in such a way as to remain in joy, have everything they could've wished for and enjoy life. We continue to study the Shamanic knowledge of the incredible power of the Spirit of Money.

Lessons of the course:

  • How to communicate with the Spirit of Work
    From the point of view of the Shamans, each organization, each company, and each business has its own Spirit. Our ancestors knew how to attract a good, strong Spirit of Development for their business, for example, in their trade. That is why before opening a new business, they used to carry out a special ritual. Nowadays, people do not know this, or such things have no importance to them. Therefore, very often, when people start their business, they unconsciously attract the wrong Spirit into it. Because of that, this business, this company, or this enterprise lives a difficult life and collapses. In this webinar, we will learn how to interact with the Spirit of our work or our enterprise. If you are an employee in some organization, then through communication with the Spirit of the company, you can establish good harmonious relationships with your colleagues.

  • The Spirit of Debt and the ways it comes into our life
    The ancient Shamanic teaching preserves the knowledge of the Spirit of Debt. According to the Shamans, the debt is also a disease, which is similar to a cold, or even cancer. When the Spirit of Debt settles in the fate of a person or a family, it is very dangerous. Such a disease, a disease of debt, destroys all life, brings disagreements among people, and destroys human health. In this webinar, we will study the Spirit of Debt and learn how to get rid of it.

  • Karma of the lineage – the lineage debts. Diagnostics of the lineage as related to karmic debts
    In this webinar, we will travel along the roots of our lineage and see in what generation and in what situation the Spirit of Debt has settled in our lineage.

Course 4: The Element of Air – Predestination 5-7 June

Each soul has its own destination. There is a destination for this life and the destination that the soul fulfills in several other lives. There is a destination of a man or a woman. There is also a Higher purpose - the soul realizes this destination throughout all lives after being born on earth. In these classes, we will talk about the women’s destination. About the way in which the female soul develops through different incarnations. And about the real Cosmic mission of the female soul on earth.

Lessons of the course:

  • The karmic task of a woman, part 1
  • The karmic task of a woman, part 2
  • A ritual to change your destiny. Revelation of your predestination

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The karmic task of a woman, part 1

The karmic task of a woman, part 2

A ritual to change your destiny. Revelation of your predestination

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